About Us
Hello and welcome to Entrusted Riches. First of all, I would like to explain of how I came to this wonderful idea for Ethical Wills. I have been a commercial rotor wing pilot for over a decade. For years I have watched and seen personal friends and family lose their lives unexpectedly to natural health problems or accidents. The after math is devastating to all that are involved. Plus being an EMS pilot, I have witnessed a number other families seeing the same thing. I kept thinking, what if this was my family. Then I was being clever and coming up with ways to hide information that my family and my two sons would find some day after my passing. Telling them of how much I loved and thought of them each day of my life.

I then started thinking of sharing this great idea for all others to use. This is when I came up with Entrusted Riches.

I know we will be able to keep this legacy going for generations to use and enjoy. Down below are just a few photos of us, so you too, can be apart of our family. I will make sure to keep current photos of my beautiful twin boys.

Thank you, The Milligans.
What it is?
Entrusted Riches LLc will be the holder of what I think would be the Best Gift ever given to any person. We store and maintain Video, Photo, literature for future and postmortem delivery. The sky is the limit for how we can use this program!
  • Ethical Wills (tell your child what you wanted and saw in their future)
  • Love letters (show how much you loved and thought of them)
  • Farewell (say bye to loved ones after your passing so they can move on)
  • Hate letters (that one person you had always wanted to tell off)
  • Time capsule (moments of being together)
  • Documentary (document certain moments that were special)
  • Personal (Birthday, anniversary, graduation)
  • Death (postmortem ability to hold gifts till the person reached certain ages)
Best of all no one was able to see or view before they received their great gift. We all know how our family members get into everything. This is the best way to keep everything secret and safe. Each account will be held private! Yes, you can send one to anyone and no one will have known you had sent these great gifts too. You and the recipient would be the only ones who know this gift would have existed.
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