Privacy Policy
All Ethical Wills and information given to Entrusted Riches will remain private. No person or entity will have the right to any of your information. Once Entrusted Riches becomes fully on its own all videos, photos, and literature will be held off line. Until then we are using the great security of Amazons sites. Entrusted riches cookies in our Affiliates sites and service providers will not be covered under Privacy Policy. Entrusted Riches will not sell, distribute, share, or lease of any personal details. No Internet use is 100% secure. We can not guarantee any type security. Information will be given out once Entrusted Riches has its own server and storage capabilities. Customer will be able to only view under the account number the contact of the recipients, gifts and giga bites of the information provided by them. Can not view any items of videos, photos, and literature. To delete any of the said items, you must contact Entrusted Riches and we will then delete items. This helps of any tampering by wrong persons. Entrusted Riches asks the purchaser to keep up with the info on all accounts as much as possible to make the recipient easier to find. Before any program is shipped, Entrusted Riches will contact recipient by information given on the account by email and or phone to confirm and have will have no doubt they are the true recipient.

In selecting a date for delivering the Ethical Wills, there can be a few options. Select upon passing away, (must have among your Will Entrusted Riches to be notified of your passing away). If a child is to receive the program, select upon passing and in directions (do not ship before a certain date). This makes sure the child receives at their 18th Birthday and the other parent does not have option of looking at or throwing it away. Entrusted Riches will do any and all means possible for the items to be shipped on select days to be there on the correct day. We do not hold any responsibility if items were received before and after the correct date. Thank you for understanding that weather or any other phenomenon made the packages early or late.

Entrusted Riches will do its best to maintain top notch security. Entrusted riches will not warrant the security of the information given to and used by Entrusted Riches. Entrusted Riches gives the responsibility to the customer/purchaser of their own profile account which includes the user and password security. Account numbers will also be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Account numbers and the and the account number items will be deleted after 90 days from the delivery date. All profiles and accounts belong to Entrusted Riches and are only used by the purchaser. Once the purchaser is or has been or considered deceased. The purchasers profile and accounts will be deleted upon finishing the contract bought from the program.

Agrees to be legally bound and to abide to Entrusted Riches Privacy and Terms upon opening any account with and use of Entrusted Riches products. The purchaser /customer understands that Entrusted Riches will not be liable for stolen items, passwords, security of, any wronged delivery, stolen identity, natural occurrences, natural disasters, and acceptance by wronged individuals. Upon knowledge, Entrusted Riches will do what it can to make sure things are and will be done right.

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