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Terms and Conditions of Use
Thank you for Entrusting us! This Program Agreement contains all the conditions that apply to the use of Entrusted Riches and its Affiliates. As a customer/purchaser to Entrusted Riches you will agree to all terms with Entrusted Riches and will not be less stringent than any other Affiliates or Websites used by Entrusted Riches. By using links to other websites, you understand and will follow that websites Privacy Policies and Terms. All purchasers will be the legal age of 18 or older to purchase any items with Entrusted Riches. You as the customer will give Entrusted Riches the right to either accept or cancel any contract made with Entrusted riches at any time or reason to do so. Upon acceptance of and purchase of Entrusted Riches program, the customer will understand and agree that all materials sent to, have been given to Entrusted Riches and will no longer be the property of the customer or recipient. The customer and recipient relinquish all rights to all properties. All items and the profile belong to Entrusted Riches until shipped to its recipient. This will be able to ensure no one will have the legal rights to view or delete any items Entrusted Riches has in its position. This allows Entrusted Riches full control to not be able to share any info or items to any person or Entity. Entrusted Riches will make an assessment of all accounts and will have all rights to be able to acceptor decline any purchase at any time. Entrusted Riches has a strict no refund Policy. Entrusted riches only collects information in order to provide the services of this program to the recipient. Entrusted Riches is limited to be used only in the United States. In time Entrusted Riches will be a world provider. If there has been a breach and items have been sent to other countries, states, the receiver/purchaser will be responsible for all the addition of levies, taxes, duties and any other payment needed to the recipient.

Gifts or Flowers
Purchase of a dozen roses, will be shipped with the rest of the program. The ability to be able to choose the color of roses, will be available only if the roses were available at the moment of delivery. If we were unable to get the right color, Entrusted riches has the right to default to Red Roses for delivery of any program. The roses will not be delivered in vases. Vases are not part of the program. These are boxed roses.

Under certain circumstances please contact Entrusted riches to see if we can help with any complications. If the storage is to large to upload. Please feel free to mail us the memory cards for us to upload to your account. Please send postage for us to send back your memory devise. All literature, videos, and photos are not legal documents and will never be accepted/used as legal documents and videos for any purpose other than being a normal video or letter. All the program will be sent to recipient by USB, memory devise of our choosing. We will make sure all items stay current with the currency of technology. All programs after delivery, will remain with us till 60 days passed delivery for any issues that can arise.
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